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Plant-Passionate Living™ Online

Plant-Passionate Living™ Online


Want to live a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to begin?

Have you always wanted to learn about herbs but feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start?

Do you feel like there’s not enough time to learn something new?

Please note: Registration is now open for this event and you will receive materials immediately upon registration. Please ignore the date listed to the left. Look forward to having you in the program!


Learning herbs and the path to wellness can seem overwhelming. There are so many plants, so many ways to use them, and so much conflicting health information; it is hard to know where to start. I designed Plant-Passionate Living to take the guess work out of it, with in-depth discussion of plants selected because they are safe and gentle for all to use, easy guides to cut through the nutrition hype and make changes that make a real difference.

This 20-webinar program will empower you to take charge of your health. You’ll learn easy and fun ways to incorporate plants into your daily life for greater health and happiness. A culmination of more than 25 years of working with plants, as an herbalist and ethnobotanist, this program combines earth-based traditions, science and intuition to make learning herbalism, nutrition, wild foods, and much more easy, fun and accessible.  In the process, you will experience greater health and vitality and deepen your relationship with the natural world.

All the webinars are recorded and you have unlimited access to the materials, so you can learn at your own pace and according to your schedule. It’s the perfect starting point for your journey working with plants


Is this you?

  • Have you always wanted to learn about herbs but felt you didn’t have the time?
  • Are you ready to feel more in charge of your and your family’s health but don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with conflicting health information?
  • Do you want to feel more connected to nature and deepen your relationship with the land where you live?


  • Do you have a chronic illness?
  • Have low energy or feel tired and lethargic too often?
  • Do you struggle with feeling disconnected and overwhelmed?
  • Suffer from anxiety/depression?
  • Have digestive issues?


If you answered yes to two or more of the questions then this is the program for you.


The program includes:

Herbalism – in-depth study of 20 medicinal plants and how to use them. I’ve hand-selected herbs that are safe for all, plants I think everyone should have at home and know how to use.

Backyard Medicine – we’ll explore of the common medicine found right outside your door.Wild Foods – learn how to identify and create delicious meals with some of the most common wild foods.

Herbal Kitchen – learn the ancient art of healing with food and delicious and easy ways to incorporate health-supporting herbs into your daily meals. You’ll learn some of my favorite recipes and how easy and fun it is to use herbs every day for greater vitality.

Medicine Making – learn easy and fun ways to make your own medicine right at home. We cover step by step how to make your own syrups, tinctures, infused oils, salves, lip balms, and more!

Nutrition Made Easy – cut through the hype and learn ten steps to easy (and scrumptious!) healthy eating and quick changes that make the biggest difference.

Earth Knowing – shift your perception and learn to see the patterns in nature and to read the landscape with guest Ian Sanderson

Right-Relationship/Wild Crafting as a Sacred Act – learn wild-crafting ethics, ways to live in true sustainability, and how this can lead to greater wellbeing.

And much more!


Busy Schedule?

With lifetime access to the webinars, it fits into any schedule, allowing you to learn more about herbs, feel empowered and in charge of our health at your own pace.

I am passionate about plants and know what a difference plant-based wellness can make in people’s lives and want to share this with you.


Here’s what you get (a total value of over $2500):

Over 40 hours of recorded webinars with me and special guests (a $1100 value)
Interact with me and other plant lovers in the Private Facebook Group
Digital Plant-Passionate Living Booklet with all materials, including recipes (a $175 value)
Lifetime access to all webinars and materials (a $595 value)
Access to a special members page with additional resources (a $65 value)
and more!


What people are saying:

“Plant-Passionate Living really nurtured my sense of intuition, and also my entire relationship with the world/universe. From the very first minute of the first class, I was immersed in an environment of knowledge, respect and harmony. Can’t say enough good things about Erin.” – Andrea Brewer, Denver 

“Plant-Passionate Living is extremely comprehensive and is sure to inspire you. Erin’s teaching style is relaxed and comfortable and allows you to absorb the information on all levels- physical, intellectual and spiritual. The manual is amazing and includes all of the pertinent information as well as recipes and cultural uses…If you ever wanted to learn about herbs then this is the class to take!” – Crystal Baldwin, Colorado

“In a short [introductory] session [with Erin] I learned so much and left knowing [Plant-Passionate Living™] would touch my life. Indeed it has! Erin is a passionate and compassionate educator, herbalist and ethnobotanist with a keen intuitive connection to nature, medicinal plants and herbs. Thank you Erin – the material and hands on learning in class with this wonderful group was exceptional.” – Lisa Wehunt, Colorado

“I would recommend this program in a heartbeat. Erin is exceptional, and it’s not only because of her extensive background but because she encourages every personal step (big or small) towards a blossoming relationship with the plants. I have new trust in myself, my intuition and the path I’ve found myself on since our class.” – Eutemia Hernandez, Colorado


Upon registration you will receive all webinars and class materials. Again you have lifetime access to all webinars and materials and can complete the program at your convenience. This program explores plants commonly found throughout North America and Europe, but the concepts and techniques covered are applicable anywhere in the world. 


We know you’ll love this program.  But if for any reason you decide it’s not for you within the first 30 days, we will give you a full refund.


My journey with plants:


The plants called me early and I have been learning from plants since I was fifteen.  For the first ten years of this it was a personal hobby and an intellectual pursuit.  I would read every book I could find on medicinal plants and kept detailed notes (a foreshadowing of my academic future!). It didn’t even occur to me at that time to explore actually using them. But for some reason I craved the knowledge.  When I was in my mid-twenties and at a crossroads in my life, a pamphlet for an herb school mysteriously made its way to me in Ireland, where I was living at the time.  I still have no idea how I got on their mailing list but something clicked and I decided that it was time to focus all my energy on this “hobby” of mine.

I will never forget my first day of studying herbalism.  It was like coming home. I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to get there.  And I loved every single minute of the years that followed.  I was completely hooked on plants. I was my healthiest and happiest self and loved being an herbalist.

I was born wandering and have always had a love of travel and learning from other cultures.  While I loved being an herbalist there was really no looking back once I discovered ethnobotany – this is what I wanted to do.   “Ethnobotany” is the study of people and plants and is a combination of biology and anthropology.  While it is not limited to traditional use, a large portion of ethnobotany is working with indigenous and local communities around the word.  This became my focus and my love for the next ten years of my life – graduate school and working internationally with indigenous communities.  This work only deepened my love of plants and deepened my appreciation for their importance beyond physical health benefits.  I began to see how integral they are to our very survival and what important and powerful reminders of our connection to the greater cycles of nature, of our role in nature. I began to realize that part of the reason plants make us happy and vibrant was not just because of their physical benefits but because they support and nourish our minds and spirits as well.  They help to connect us to our roots.

Over the years, I have seen and felt what happens when we – no matter our culture and upbringing – are disconnected from these roots and from a more intimate relationship and knowledge of nature.  And I’ve watched people light up and gain renewed vitality from remembering ways to use the simplest plant, such as dandelion.  Plants have a lot to teach us, if we take the time to listen.  They are wonderful allies in supporting a healthy and vibrant life.  Plant-based wellness is more than just learning about fun ways to make medicine at home and how you can treat yourself of common ailments.  It’s about remembering your place in a greater whole, about feeling more at ease and connected to the world around you. It’s about getting in touch with your true core.

I have been teaching throughout my journey with plants and love watching people brighten as if discovering a long lost friend and I love to see people feel their most vital and vibrant selves.  Despite my endless passion for plants, I know that not everyone wants to dedicate their lives to learning about and from them.   I created Plant-Passionate Living to share the joy of working with plants AND to create a program that is accessible to all. This is not a professional program where you will leave a clinical herbalist or ethnobotanist.  This is a program to make you fall in love with plants and renew your connection to the natural world. It is a program to inspire you to notice the amazing food and medicine right outside your door and the creative and ways to use them every day.   Join me!


December 31, 2018
All Day



Registration is now closed for this event.