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Indigenous Ways of Knowing (Workshops)

Indigenous Ways of Knowing (Workshops)

with Ian Sanderson

The Western worldview is marked by the belief that human beings are separate from nature. This has led to a tendency toward distraction, impatience, and lack of presence of body and mind. Our inherent abilities of heightened awareness and natural movement have receded. In this series of workshops, we will explore ways to remember how to move and act as a part of nature rather than separate from it. We will explore the differences between indigenous and western worldviews, aspects of proper movement and awareness, learn tracking skills to improve our ability to read our surrounding environment, and much more.

This program meets once a month from March through September and consists of six workshops and an optional Traditional Skills weekend camping trip. All programs (except Indigenous Paradigms) are held outdoors in Boulder Open Space.  Exact locations will be announced.

This is a series of Workshops.  For those wanting a less in-depth experience, there is also a community class series that gives an overview of the same program.

Program 1:   Prelude to Tracking: Natural Awareness and Movement
Saturday  April 27     9am – 3pm
How do we carry our bodies in fidelity with the way they are designed? How do we remain present and aware of our surroundings, allowing us to perceive the essential oneness that exists? Learn how to expand your awareness and move in harmony with the landscape. This is where tracking really begins.

Program 2:   Art and Science of Tracking: Part 1    Sunday   May 26th    9am – 3pm
Your eyes will be opened to previously unseen worlds…NEVER look at the ground the same way again.  Learn how to identify animal and human tracks and what secrets they can tell. 

Program 3:   Art and Science of Tracking: Part 2    Saturday   June 22    9am – 3pm
We will go even deeper into the art of tracking. 

Program 4:   Natural Camouflage   Saturday   July 20    9am – 3pm
Blend with your surroundings. We will learn to camouflage not just our bodies, but our minds. Learn to hide in plain sight. Invisibility is possible. 

Program 5:   Fire Making   Saturday   August 24    9am – 3pm
We’ve likely all felt the immediate sense of comfort and connection that comes from a campfire. Allow for the feeling of more comfort and connection by learning to make your fires more efficient, safer…and without the aid of matches or a lighter.

Finale:  Traditional Skills Camp     September 13-15
Celebrate completion of  the program and deepen all skills learned in the series, and learn even more including:

  • The Philosophy of Ten Thousand Changes: Preparedness and Proper Relationship with the Natural World
  • Campcraft: Learn how to create a place with a group of friends and family that is safe and efficient, yet is comforting and feels like home.


Registration for Traditional Skills Camp is separate, with a separate cost. You must attend at least three of the programs to attend the Traditional Skills Camp. 

Cost includes all five workshops. All programs are available for individual registration but we highly recommend doing the complete series to fully develop these new skills. Registering for the whole series saves you over $150.

This program can also be paid for with monthly payments.  Click here to register and pay in five monthly payments.


April 27, 2013
9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Four Mile Creek Trailhead



Registration is now closed for this event.