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Our Story

Plants are an integral part of our life.  They provide the air we breathe, food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and much more.  As such, I believe that exploring the world of plants is a doorway to a greater understanding of nature as a whole and empowers the cultivation of a deep and sustainable relationship with it.

The Center for Integrative Botanical Studies (CIBS) brings together my passions for the botanical world, cultures, and holistic health to meet a demand for integrative education in herbalism, ethnobotany, environmental studies, sustainable living practices, and holistic health.

To me, all of these are a reflection of the same thing – our desire to reconnect with the natural world and to live in right relationship with it.  My vision is for educational experiences that cultivate and nourish the human connection to nature, honor both tradition and science, and engage the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – in experiential programs to foster personal growth and global change.

Our Mission

To empower and cultivate the deep relationship between the human spirit and the natural world through high-quality, experiential, plant-based educational programs.

Our Values

  • Humans are a vital part of nature.
  • Plants are a doorway to understanding the natural world and our place in it.
  • Knowledge and respect for the natural world comes from our direct interaction with the natural world.
  • Tradition is as important as science. All of the programming at CIBS combines traditional knowledge and science.
  • True learning and change is holistic – mind, body, and spirit are equally important to our health, our understanding, and our vitality.
  • Everything is interconnected.